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RA was initiated in Antwerpen in 2009 as an enterprise to support young artists and independent fashion designers. Throughout the last two years, RA has continued to show a series of international exhibitions to carry their unique messages to a wider cultural sphere. The common thread between all our artists is their use of fashion as a medium to express their worlds – creating pieces that transform their wearer, often crossing into the realms of wearable art.

As our programme expanded, RA established a separate non-profit organisation within its structure in 2011, to support undiscovered talent in the spheres of fashion and art. This cultural initiative extends logistical and financial support to emerging designers and artists alongside sound advice in commercial and communication strategies, in order for them to successfully exhibit their works on a global platform. Underpinning the RA Initiative is a financial fund administrated by the appointed RA Council, a group of exceptional patrons appointed for their skills and networks in the fields of fashion, arts and marketing. Funds are allocated by mutual agreement to upcoming projects and initiatives. The Council work to plan and manage an annual calendar of events and happenings to promote independent fashion and arts.

RA would like to thank the individuals, trusts, foundations and companies whose generosity and foresight enable RA VZW to realize its exhibition programme in support of emerging fashion and arts.

In particular:

Absolut Vodka
MoMu Antwerp
Pernod Ricard

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