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Time is like that-both point AND duration.

Time is like that - both point AND duration. On Saturday the 15th, Objectif Exhibitions director Chris Fitzpatrick will drop by for a reading about time, in conjunction with the watch they have commissioned.  Discover the Dexter Sinister, Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz, and the five editions now available for purchase at RA Antwerp. This reverse-engineered Casio digital timepiece has a tiny computer inside, which has been reprogrammed to slowly render the current time from left to right. Time scans across its liquid crystal face, completing 1 cycle every 2 seconds, so reading this watch requires more attention than usual. The seven segments of each digit are lit one by one across its display, and this speed may be adjusted until you and your watch are in tune. Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz was adjusted by Dexter Sinister and produced by Halmos, New York (US), with support from Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp (BE), and Yale Union, Portland (US).

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