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The Almanac of the Old Fish

In commemoration of RA Antwerp's 3rd anniversary, RA presents "The Culmination in the Nexus of Existence, The Act of Urination and Synchrony In The Infinite Playgrounds of RA", or "The Almanac of The Old Fish", a collaborative art performance and exhibition initiated as a pantomine performance. Premiering at the Persian anniversary dinner, the ritualistic piece (directed, produced and choreographed by Anna Kushnerova) combined costumes designed by Michelle Woods and Romain Brau with scenography by Kasper de Vos, including music by Mittland Och Leo and dancing by Tina Schott, Misora Nakamori, Chiaki Kato & Mia Price. The protagonists Anna Kushnerova, Romain Brau and Jack Davey enacted the drama of love between a monkey and princess threatened by the evil old fish, unfolding by the shores of a magic lake. The theatrical piece and its scenography are inspired by Indian love, the wheel of life, interpretive dance, omarashi, Persia, and nuances of Opera. 

The temporary exhibition comprises of the performance video, sculptures by Kasper de Vos and a photoshoot by Yves de Brabander.

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